Friday, September 21, 2012

Gall Bladder Surgery

Well, as I stated before, I was getting a little behind blogging about my 31 Days of Pinterest.  I mean, it is hard enough to find the time to DO the Pinterest, let alone find the time to also blog about it!

Well, last Sunday night, my family went to the concert at Foster Park with our Youth Group.  It was a nice time.  Great weather.  Great Christian music.  Great friends.  Jeremy really enjoyed the bounce houses and sharing a Kona Ice with mommy.

We left around 8 PM, and shortly after arriving home, I started having a pretty severe pain in my upper abdomen.  I tried eating something, and it did not alleviate the pain.  Finally, around 12:30 AM I told Matt I needed to go to the emergency room, as I think I am having a Gall Bladder attack.  I drove myself the few blocks to the ER, telling Matt I'll call him if I need him, and my parents could come stay with the boys.  At the ER, they did a test where I had to drink some peppermint stuff.  It made my lips, tongue and throat numb, but did not alleviate my pain.  That ruled out stomach ailments.  Next step, an Ultrasound of my Gall Bladder.  But, it was 3 AM, and they couldn't do that until 7:30 AM. So, home I went, still in pain, and got some rest.  I believe around 4:30 AM, my pain went away.

Monday morning, I got my Ultrasound, and was told that my family doctor would call with the results Tuesday. Well, she called around noon, and said I had a large stone and recommended that I have my Gall Bladder out.  I ended up having another very long attack Monday night, saw the surgeon, Dr. Abbasi, on Tuesday, and scheduled for surgery on Thursday.  This was to be my first "real" surgery.  I had my Wisdom teeth out in high school.  I don't think that counts.

Here I am, looking pretty chipper!  Ready for surgery.  Had prayers with Pastor Jerry heading in, said my goodbyes, in case anything should go wrong :)

Although small, and looking pretty good to the untrained eye, this is my gall bladder, just before eviction.

Post Op, trying to be chipper.  But, it was a little more difficult at this point.

The incisions.  Not too bad. Nice and little, but the top one sure is sore!

Needless to say, I'm going to take this opportunity to post about a few pins that I have completed, but the project is on hold until I 'm up and moving about again.  Hopefully, I'll be in full swing in a few days.  Currently on Day 2, still moving  a little slow.  Feel like I'm having a hard time catching a deep breath, appetite is not up to par and staying on a no fat/low fat diet until my follow up appointment.  But, things are going well.

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