Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 12...DIY Plug Ins

I LOVE to walk into my home and smell a clean fresh scent.  I am addicted to Plug Ins, Sense and Spray and Automatic Sprayers.  However, these items can become costly, and, lets face it, apparently contain some things that aren't good for you.  So, I found this Pinterest that shows you how to make your own plug ins, with water and your favorite essential oil!  How cool.

DIY Plug In by Holy Crikey

All you need is:
Your Favorite Essential Oil (I used Lavender)
An Old Plug In

Open the Plug In.  It was quite simple, as it had a rubbery stopper holding the wick, just pry it off.  I filled the glass about 1/3 full with Lavender Oil and the rest with water.  Put the stopper with the wick back on.  Plug it in. Voila!

This worked SO well!  I used this one in my bathroom.  This is where we keep our diaper pail, full of cloth diapers.  They tend to leave a strong ammonia smell in our bathroom.  This oil warmer was so strong, I could smell it in the living room! Completely masked the dirty diaper smell!  I don't smell it quite so strong anymore, but I think that is just due to my nose adjusting to the smell.  I'm sure if a visitor comes over, they would smell the lavender.  I don't belivee that I will be buying new oil refills ever again!

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