Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Day 1...First Day of School

Pinterest:  1st day of school

For Day 1, it just so happened to be Jeremy's first day of preschool.  I've seen a wide variety of First Day of School photo options, so I thought I'd try it out!  A quick and easy start to my 31 Days of Pinterest Challenge.

A short story from the morning:
    As we are getting ready for school in the morning, Jeremy asks, "Momma, if I'm sick, I don't have to go to school, right?"  I saw where this was going, and said "Yes, Jeremy, but you are NOT sick".  He is awful young to begin thinking about playing sick to get out of school!  Anyway, he had a great day.  He does harder stuff this year, like pour water from a pitcher himself.

So, here it is, the First Day of Preschool photo, courtesy of Pinterest:

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