Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 13...Buffalo Wing Dip

This Dip was a special treat for Uncle Josh to eat while watching his favorite...Notre Dame.  I have had this dip before, and it was so good!  Unfortunately, Notre Dame played at 8:30 PM that night, and we had just had some MONSTER Pizzas from Harvey Hinklemyers, so, we were not very hungry.  But, I made a promise of dip that I fully intended to keep!

Buffalo Chicken Dip from Frank's Red Hot Website

What theirs looked like:

What mine looked like:

Something went wrong.  I'm guess one thing was that I used 1/2 as much ranch as what was called for.  I KNEW I had a bottle of Ranch in the pantry...but it was a funky color.  Surprise, it expired in 2008.  I also just grabbed my bottle of Hot Sauce out of the fridge, and realized after dumping it in that it was Tobasco Sauce, not Franks.  I'll try again.  And add the cute garnish on top like the picture.

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