Thursday, September 06, 2012

Day 3...Dinner

Today is Day 3 and all is well in the land of Pinterest!  One would think, with over 400 recipes pinned, choosing what to cook for dinner would not be a problem. BUT, it was.  I think I looked through the recipes for over an hour last night, and finally landed on TWO recipes to try.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Roasted Broccoli

I prepped the Chicken earlier in the afternoon, and put it covered in the fridge, so it would be ready to throw in the oven later.  That seemed to work out pretty good.

Here are a few pictures of my process:

Prepare a Dredging Station

 Pound the Chicken....I might have gone a little too far

Add a slice of ham and swiss cheese, then roll it up!


Yummy Deliciousness!

Overall, I give the Chicken Cordon Bleu 5 Stars.  It was quite easy to make, and super yummy.  I did, however, cook it at 425 rather than 400, and still felt that it needed a little more time to cook.  

The wasn't bad.  but for the effort, it didn't taste good enough to do more than put a frozen bag in the microwave.  I also did not have parmesan cheese, so, it was missing that and pine nuts.  But, I don't think those two ingredients would make much difference.

Thanks for following!  Find the recipes via the above posted links.  And, don't mind my photography skills, I take the pictures on my iPad, so there isn't much to do to make them lovely.

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