Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thumb sucking and the first night...

Not real sure what to make of this...but, apparently Jeremy is part of the whole NEW AGE thumb sucking techniques. I (Matt) have learned that I am old. Where are the days of the "ball up your fist and stick the thumb in your mouth" method gone? Apparently, I have a lot to catch on to.

First at home night in the books. Was restless for the first half of the night. He didn't want to sleep in the cradle, so Misty took him to the family room where he slept on mommy for a couple hours. When Matt WOKE UP (fell asleep at the first feeding) and took Jeremy to the family room, he went to sleep for about 4 hours (after screaming for the first 30 minutes...but that was a test of will. Jeremy is already playing games with my emotions).

So...any advice out there on what Matt is supposed to do other than falling asleep on Misty as she feeds Jeremy? Problem is, after i fall asleep...i don't hear Jeremy scream for a couple hours unless I am holding him. Any dad (or CONSTRUCTIVE *aka* "not make fun of Matt because he snores"...chick) advice out there? Hook a brother up...

(Jeremy is still ridiculously cute)

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