Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Jeremy Wade Hartke made his appearance on Monday, January 14th at 2:09am weighing in a 6 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches. He is very strong (doc said so...but Matt was standing behind him so could have been due to intimidation) and is CUTE! Yup...we were worried about having the "not-so-cute" baby. But we didn't...he is officially cute!
Mom is doing well. In some pain, BUT she is one to stay on the legal drugs WAY before the pain hits. Jeremy and mommy had a rough night of getting used to the feeding frenzy...and the father figure slept through most of it (*edit...Misty says snoring) (**edit...Matt wants proof) (***edit...Jeremy has no comment)
Thanks for the prayers and love!

M&M (+J)


Shannan Stockton said...

Congrats, I am so happy for both of you. He is absolutely beautiful and well worth the wait. Feel better Misty and get as much sleep as you can. Miss you and wish we were there.

Linda said...

Allison: Why can't Matt just find a job down here!!

She is sure missing yall and asking LOTS of questions! She wants to know if Jeremy is O.K. where they cut the cord. I'll call you guys in a day or two after yall get home. I am so proud of yall - great job Matt!! oh and Misty :)

jay and julie said...

SO SO SO excited for ya'll!! Wish we were there to hold him and kiss all over him!! What a cutie patootie!!! I do believe he is a one of a kind to say the least-- don't believe I have ever seen a child suck a thumb quite like that! Hope all is well - and ya CANNOT hold a baby too much!! Don't listen to anyone that tells ya that!! Love ya'll!!