Friday, January 04, 2008

Nursery Pictures

The nursery is complete! Here are some pictures I took to share. As you can see...Winnie the Pooh is the theme.

I'm not sure of the style we are achieving as we have light brown, medium brown, dark brown and white furniture. But, we used what we had and the crib was given to us by a friend. That sure helps on the cost of things!

Matt and I bought the glider last night using money that people have been giving us. The box wouldn't fit in my car though, so we had to stand out in the parking lot in the freezing cold, opening the box and putting all the separate parts in my car. It was pretty funny.

Today we also undertook the task of installing the car seat. To our dismay, the convertible car seat will not fit in my car in the rear facing position. Matt and I are too tall and have to have our seats back, and that didn't allow for the baby seat to recline to the proper position. So, well use it when it's time to face forward. So we went back to the store today and got a car seat with a base and installed it instead. My bags are packed for the hospital, so I guess all we need now is our baby!

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