Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bloodwork is very Positive

I had my first bloodwork done on Thursday, after we got a positive HPT. The checked my progesterone levels (which I did not get results from) and quantitative HCG. The HCG level was 158. That's pregnant!

I was scheduled for another one for Saturday (about 48 hours later). Just as a precaution, they do the second one to see that your numbers are going up. They should double every 48 hours. I was VERY nervous about this. I just kept thinking they would say, "we're sorry, but your level is only 50", which would be indicitive of miscarriage. I had this overwhelming sense of dread all day. However, I got my results and it was 338! That's GREAT news! Now, if I can just relax, and trust that God will care for the tiny baby. Not an easy task sometimes, but, I'll pray about it and we'll get through.

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