Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lungs and Hearts are Very Important

What a whirlwind of a time I have had! On Friday, March 11, 2011, my Mom finally got the call she's been waiting for. They had a match for her, and she would be receiving a brand new set of lungs!! I had prayed for a long time it the call would NOT come March10-13th because I was on team for the Kokomo Great Banquet #81, and Aunt Nan was a guest. But, wouldn't you know, Friday morning, before Talk 1 even started, my breast starts vibrating like crazy. (*yes, I keep my phone in my Over-The-Shoulder-Cell-Phone-Holder). I rode down to Methodist Hospital with Mom and Dad. I thought we would be rushed right through, and into surgery. But, we got there and waited for about 8 hours before they took her back for surgery at 6:30 PM. They did their first cut at 8:30 PM and placed the last staple at 3:30 AM Saturday morning. We got to file into ICU and see her briefly, then I returned to the Banquet, not getting any sleep until 12:30 AM on Sunday morning. I was tired!! She is doing well breathing with her new lungs, no rejection issues and no infection. She is having issues swallowing food into her lungs. So she will be on a feeding tube for awhile. AND, the drugs make her hallucinate terribly. We really can't convince her that what she is seeing isn't really happening.

Just to keep things exciting, Thursday night, the 17th, I received a call from my Dad saying he wasn't feeling well. He sounded really bad and indicated his throat was hurting. So, I offered to come up and drive him to the clinic. In route to his house, I thought I should call and check on him, and he said he was having really bad chest pains. So, I called 911 from the road. I thought he was having a heart attack! He ended up being life-lined from Dukes in Peru down to The Heart Center in Indy. After a LONG night (again) they did a cardio conversion (shocked him) and he is back in rhythm. He's had a history of Arrhythmia, and just had a bad episode. Dad is home now. Well, he's at OUR home with us for a couple days.

More craziness to come later!

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