Sunday, March 20, 2011

And 3 became 4

So, after ALL our struggles trying to conceive baby #2, I'm so happy to announce that we are expecting a baby mid-November!

After receiving the devastating news in January that our best option would be IVF, we really thought we would forever be a family of three. Much to my surprise, this past Thursday, since the old hag was nowhere to be found, I thought to myself "self, I have some home pregnancy tests sitting in the drawer, I might as well use one". I about fell out of my chair when it came up and said "YES+"!! I never thought in my life that I would get to surprise Matt with a pregnancy announcement. having your cycles closely monitored and doing fertility treatments really eliminates all elements of surprise.

So, Friday, Matt and I snuck away from Dad at the Heart Center to have a blood test to confirm the home test. Everything came back great. My HCG numbers are super high for where I am (over 6000) and progesterone is rocking! So, all looks to be well. Baby Button is firmly planted:)

We get to have our first Ultrasound on the 29th. We'll see a little gestational sac, and maybe the heartbeat of one (or TWO) babes. I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and I have NO Symptoms as of yet. Guess I'll have to start the Belly Shot gallery again!

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