Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Vacation Week 2

This was summer vacation week 2 with our soul mate family from Texas. This week was a BLAST and here are some of the highlights:

This is Julie corrupting my son with Micah's favorite drink, the ICEE:

This is all of us at the Miami 4H fair. Let me just say, Jay and Misty don't sweat. Matt and Julie were sweating in places that cannot be mentioned here. I don't know how they do it, but it makes me mad.

On the night that we didn't want to give Jeremy a bath in the lake, we made do with what we had and Jeremy had a bath in the cooler. YES...we are that ghetto.

This was Jay in his CALMEST moment on the wave runner. I have to say...every DROP of gas that we had at the lake was consumed by Jay's thirst for pulling off tricks on the wave runner. I think the wave runner has now officially been broken in.

This is Jay in the water with Micah and Makenna during the times that Jay couldn't be contributing to the hoax of global warming. It was so crazy hot the majority of the time we were there that week that this is what we all did.

This is our Indiana family picture. This is Pat and Carl (Misty's parents) with Matt, Misty and Who.

This is Jay and Juju (we REALLY miss you guys...i mean ya'll).

AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK...this is Micah giving in to what it REALLY means to be a lake kid and taking a bath in the lake. BUT, he didn't stop there...HE HELPED GIVE MISTY A BATH!!!

See you all next year...we are counting down the days.

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Linda said...

just want you to know that....I'M JEALOUS!!! they are still talking about is still soo mad that we didn't go... she asked if we could please just go for the day at least...we don't have to stay that long....she misses yall a WHOLE BUNCH and so do I! :(