Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Vacation Week 1

This was our first week of vacation where we went to Ohio for Uncle Jon's wedding and to see everyone from Matt's side of the family for the first time in a LONG time. Here were the highlights of the week...mostly the pictures we took from the Great Wolf Lodge.

Jeremy took a nap after sleeping at the water park at the Great Wolf Lodge and was a little groggy. He woke up to Uncle Andy holding him...and Jeremy was looking for milk. It made all of us ROFL!

After Jeremy was done swimming, we all went back to our rooms to shower before dinner...or in Who's case BATHE IN THE SINK!!!

In the game room, Jeremy found a Sesame Street car!! He loved it...for about a minute and then was screaming for mommy.

Here is all the cousin's together after a long day of swimming. In this picture you will see everyone smiling except for Who. He really does love his family...he was just tired.

When you get all the Hartke's together, WIFFLEBALL must be played. This was Jeremy's first experience with Wiffleball, and he picked up a bat and was swinging like a pro on his own. He made daddy smile BIG.

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