Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Park Day

So if this was a MYSPACE or EHARMONY, the following would say:
NAME: Jeremy Hartke
AGE: >1 year (but mommy is older than daddy...so age doesn't matter)
INTERESTS: Mommy, Milka (mommy's only), hearing my own voice, Mommy, my sunglasses, Mommy, and Daddy in that order.
HOBBIES: Milka, Mommy, walks in the park, and "urping on myself and mommy as we walk in the park and I pick up chicks".

We spent the afternoon having a family walk in the park. All the ladies in the park couldn't stop talking about how cute he is. To end the day...


Jeremy was out.

He had a tough day, and an early night.

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

He is a doll!!! Cuter than ever! (And cute wifey too!!!)