Saturday, April 26, 2008

Favorite Parent Game

So...let's be honest. Jeremy knows who his mommy and daddy is. But ever since he was born, it has been obvious who he likes the most. While mommy is by and far Jeremy's favorite person/thing/place/etc that has ever existed, daddy likes to think that he is up there as well. The movie proves what that is all about.

I am going to go to my emotional safe house and crawl up in the fetal position for a while as I sob my emotional state back to a level of happiness.

Try not to smile at this clip. :)


Stan said...

OK, so while watching that I laughed so hard I spewed iced tea all over the couch. Thanks a million.

Seriously, too funny!

Gabrielle said...

LOL- That was seriously funny- mostly picturing Matt running away in tears after the traumatic filming session.

Misty, Matt and Jeremy said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! It's usually fun being the favorite parent :) EXCEPT, if I REALLY need to get something done.

Kara said...

Hello Matt and Misty and Jeremy.
It's Kara, Eric, Grace and Noah.
If you hadn't heard we had a baby boy on March 28th. He was 8.11 and 20 in long.
So he's a little over a month old and doing well.
I love the blog and added it to my favs so I can look at it all the time.
I have my own blog if you're interested:

Can't wait for a new blog, and Matt, call Eric.

Linda said...

yall are sick...just sick....getting a thrill out of making him cry! Poor Jeremy- come visit Linda - I'll hold you and not MAKE you cry!

Ciara said...

Oh my goodness, too stinking cute and funny. Don't worry Matt, your day will come. :)

Look out...You may see us at First Pres some Sunday soon. Adam and I are embarking on the hunt for a new church this week!