Friday, December 21, 2007

35 Week Belly Shot

Here is 35 weeks exactly! From the side it looks like my Belly Button is popped out. It isn't, that little bump is just the top flap sticking out a little bit.

We had a Dr. Appointment today. All is well. I've gained 4 lbs, but, I think that it is at least 2 pounds of water. If you look at my feet....they are nice! The top picture is "normal" feet. The bottom picture is my "cankles", as Matt likes to call them.

I can't believe that my countdown to the due date will be in DAYS, not Months very soon! It doesn't seem
time should be going so fast!

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Linda said...

Poor Misty- I remember those days! Like you said, it will be over before you know it! I hope yall enjoy the holidays and make sure you spend lots of time with Matt! Oh, and be sure to get lots of sleep! I think those were the two things I took for granted before having our little bundle of fire...I mean joy!:)