Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a....

Today was the BIG ultrasound!
The top picture is our beautiful baby, with a hand up by the mouth.
The second picture is the babies profile.
And the third picture is the money shot!! We are having a bounching baby BOY!!
We had already decided on names, so Jeremy Wade Hartke it will be! However, I don't feel that Jeremy is suitable for a baby, more a teenager, so I'm thinking J.J. for short. (Because the ORIGINAL Jeremy wants to call him Junior, so Jeremy Junior=J.J. Even though, technically, he isn't a Jr. But, we
don't care)
He is measuring a full week ahead :O! And he is very long. But,
that was too be expected as Matt and I are not small people. So, we will be pulling out all the sporting equipment early and training our kid so he can support us into our elderly years! :)

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