Thursday, April 28, 2011

11 Weeks + 2

Ah!! Finally today I was hungry for dinner, and at two plates full! (Fortunately, it was a salad and dessert carry-in, and I only had 1/2 a piece of desert). And, I didn't end up puking! Is this a sign that the morning sickness will pass? I sure hope so! I had to wear maternity pants today. Not because my normal pants don't fit, but because we are so far behind in our laundry, maternity pants are the only clean pants in my house! I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove of things. Getting my house cleaned up. Matt has been trying...but his level of clean and my level of clean do not match. But, I do appreciate his help.

I had a Dr. Appointment this week. All is well, except I've lost 5 pounds. I heard Button's heartbeat, and it was good and strong! We have the "BIG" ultrasound on June 27, then I can seriously hit the garage sales!

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