Thursday, September 16, 2010

Insurance rant...Grr....

So, if you have read our blog at all, you know that we had issues becoming pregnant and resorted to fertility treatments to get Jeremy. I felt very blessed because we had great insurance that covered our treatments. In 2009, our church insurance changed, and we were concerned about the fertility coverage. Everything checked out, coverage changed slightly, but still there.

Now that we are looking into treatments again, we just found out that this January our insurance dropped all fertility coverage! This makes me very sad. Being a single income household on a church worker salary, fertility expenses can add up really quickly.

$130 meds, $489procedure, hope for a new baby: PRICELESS

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Emily said...

That stinks Misty. I understand completely. We've never had insurance that covers fertility treatments - it cost us $14,000 to have our twins. We'd like to do it again, but it's hard (impossible?) to come up with that kind of cash. Good luck!