Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parent Orientation ???

I am very excited that Jeremy will be attending preschool this year. It is only one morning each week, but it will be great for him to play with other children his age. He will be going to Little School, which is the preschool program at our church. It is a very well respected program within the community.

So, last night was parent orientation. As the Director was going over the handbook, a mom raised her hand to ask a question. She voiced concerns about the curriculum, stating she doesn't want religion pounded into her child's head.

Uh.....you do realize that this is a Christian Preschool....right??? OF COURSE they will talk about Jesus and pray, learn bible stories and songs. The world gets dumber every day. I often wonder what our kids future will look like at this rate of increasing stupidity. **sigh**

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