Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jeremy Hunts for Eggs and Crashes HARD

These were some of the great pics from Easter. He had not 1...not 2...but THREE egg hunts. Yes, he thoroughly enjoyed the fact that he could hunt for the BABALLS (the eggs). The major story of one of the hunts was the fact that he found out that if you suck on a 3 Musketeers wrapper long enough that there will be some chocolate that leaks out. KNOWING THIS INFO, he ended up going for the individually wrapped chocolates instead of the eggs. Man...our Who is so smart.

This was Who at church checking out the flowers at the front

This was who taking time to smell the flowers

This was Who getting his Easter Basket from the Bunny who left JUST prior to getting back from church. *SHOCKER*

This was Jeremy getting some eggs

Still hunting...

And after a hard day of Easter...he passes out at the dinner table.


Laura said...

Is that some red hair I am seeing?

Misty, Matt and Jeremy said...

There is a slight auburn tint to his hair when the light is right :)