Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GTT test...FAILED!

So, Monday I went for my GTT test (Glucose Tolerance Test) to check for Gestational Diabetes. Those of you who have been pregnant before, I'm sure you are familiar with this test. Those who haven't, you basically have to drink this super sugared drink (mine was like Hawaiian Punch) then have a blood test an hour later to check your sugar levels.

The Doctor called yesterday and told Matt that my sugar level was "extrememly high", so now I have to go do another 3 hour test today. That is 3 hours of sitting in a Doctor's office! Not my idea of fun for the day. Hopefully I studied better this time and pass the test!


Laura said...

I failed this test 6 times total. Three with each girl. I had to take the 1 hr. once and the 3 hr. twice with both Jenna and Abby. I never was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, but I feel your pain with the test. It stinks to get your arm stuck so many times, it's boring, and I can never drink any kind of orange soda again. Good luck!

Misty said...

I sure hope I don't have to do the 3 hour one again! I haven't heard back yet what the results are...hopefully it's good news :)