Tuesday, July 24, 2007

13 Week Belly Shot

Here it is! 13 weeks! (I apologize for the yellow undies hanging out!) I have lost 5 pounds! I didn't realize pregnancy was supposed to be a diet! I got in trouble for being dehydrated, so Matt is the water nazi now. I drink plenty, but, I also puke plenty so it cancels itself out.

We had a dr. appointment yesterday. She prescribed some meds for me to stop vomiting (Phinigrin). The problem is that I took half a pill, and was OUT cold! So, it isn't something I'll be able to take when I have to go to work. We heard the heartbeat, it's still good and strong.
I love hearing the heartbeat. It makes it really "real" that there is something in there. Other than that and vomiting, nothing is different, yet.


Linda said...

that's the same med. that Laura was on - just wait girl! The wait will start coming and your belly will look like a ball :) You're almost to the gender part! I can't wait!!!! Keep the pics coming - you were a little late on this one, slacker :)

Linda said...

k- i'm on vac. so I can't spell- wanted to correct myself before I looked like a big dummy with the "weight" spelling! oops!

Julie said...

I can't wait for your belly to really show!!!! ;)

Misty said...

Thanks girls!

I think belly is "firming" up. And moving north, not so much out yet.